How do I cancel my account?


We're sorry that you wish to cancel your account with us. If you're sure that you no longer need your account, please do the following;

From the home of the support area, click "My Hosting Packages", then click "View Details" next to the hosting package that you wish to cancel. At the bottom of the page there is a button that says "Request Cancellation" - this will notify our staff that you wish to cancel your account and we will do so shortly. Please remember to specify whether you want immediate cancellation or whether you want it cancelled at the end of your billing period (there is a drop down box for you to select from)

If you accidentally request an account cancellation, or change your mind, please create a support ticket immediately else you risk the chance of your account being terminated.

Our policy is to leave a two hour gap from receiving the cancellation request before acting upon it; this allows users which may of accidentally requested a cancellation to rectify the issue.


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