What are Softaculous, Fantastico & Installatron?

Softaculous is an example of an Auto-Installer piece of software. Softaculous has been replaced on our services due to the lack of updates and support of its applications.

This application performs the same functions as Fantastico and Installatron, however they support a larger base of applications and provide easier administration.
Our Linux shared and reseller servers come with this auto-installer already applied at no extra charge! You are able to launch these installers from cPanel.

Application scripts that can be automatically installed vary and are there to enhance your website. Scripts that are included have been chosen as they are amongst the most popular that are installed on websites.

Some categories that are included are; Blogs, Content Management Systems, Discussion Boards, Guestbooks, Image Galleries, Polls and Site Builders.

If you require help with any of these scripts then leave a ticket for our support team

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